Ongoing Pilot Projects

    NIDDK Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium (IBDGC)

    Phil Schumm, MA

  • International Neuroblastoma Risk Group (INRG)

    Susan L. Cohn, MD

  • Research on datacenter and exascale system architecture, programming, and resilience

    Andrew A. Chien

  • IGSB Protected Data Cloud

    Kevin White, PhD

Past Pilot Projects

  • Medical Imaging and Informatics

    Maryellen L. Giger, PhD

Funding Opportunities

We provide funding and support to University of Chicago researchers for selected projects leveraging data science with data clouds and data commons. CDIS offers a collaborative approach to stimulate data-driven research across disciplines, defuse technological barriers, and promote discovery through informatics.


We engage with innovative research teams across a variety of disciplines around the world.