BioIT World '17

We'll be at the annual BioIT World Conference again this year talking about our work building digital ecosystems to use and share biomedical data at scale.  Michael Fitzsimons, PhD will be speaking on the Data Commons panel on Thursday, May 25th.

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo is building a global network for precision medicine by uniting the BioIT community.  They bring together more than 3,300 attendees from 41 countries to navigate the new era of precision medicine and build collaboration across the industry.

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Translational Data Science Workshop

The TDS17 Workshop is an important step towards developing a community around translational data science.  Translational data science is a new term that is being used for an emerging field that applies data science principles, techniques, and technologies to challenging scientific problems that hold the promise of having an important impact on human or societal welfare.  The term is also used when data science principles, techniques and technologies are applied to problems in different domains in general, including—but not restricted to—science and engineering research.   The workshop will bring together a group focus on this field and collaborate to write a white paper on translational data science.

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BloodPAC Milestone

We recently achieved a milestone in building out data commons technology for the Blood Profiling Atlas in Cancer (BloodPAC) by adding the first set of users.  BloodPAC is a consortium effort working to accelerate the development and validation of liquid biopsy assays to improve the outcomes of patients with cancer.   We are contributing our data commons technology to build out a collaborative infrastructure that enables sharing of information between stakeholders in industry, academia, and regulatory agencies. 

AACR Annual Meeting April 1-5

GDC Demonstrations

We will be at the AACR Annual Meeting again this year offering demonstrations of the Genomic Data Commons at the NCI Exhibit #1407.  Stop by and see we've been working on!

Meet the Expert Session

Date: Monday, April 3rd

Time: 10:15AM – 10:45AM ET

Location: Exhibit Booth #1407

Title: Genomic Data Commons Live Demonstration

Presenter: Michael Fitzsimons, Genomic Data Commons

Joe Biden highlights accomplishments of the GDC

Vice President Biden outlines his plans for a Biden cancer initiative, calling on attendees at SXSW to join him to take on cancer. In his remarks, he reflects on the progress made under his leadership of the White House Cancer Moonshot, including the work of the NCI Genomic Data Commons.  He called for innovative solutions to tackle the barriers that prevent faster gains against cancer, and described how he plans to remain in the fight.

Christina Yung joins CDIS as Director of Data Commons

Christina Yung, PhD recently joined CDIS as the Director of Data Commons for the GDC.  Christina has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.  She was most recently at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, leading the technical working groups for the ICGC PanCancer Analysis of Whole Genomes project.  During her time there, she managed a team of software developers and bioinformaticians from 15 institutes to develop 5 analytical pipelines; runthe pipelines on 700TB of sequencing data in 14 compute environments, and coordinate data dissemination to over 300 researchers. 

Doug Lowy recognizes GDC as a signature achievement

As administrations change, cancer research stands in an unusually strong position, NCI Acting Director Douglas Lowy said in an interview with The Cancer Letter. “We’re very fortunate that both Republicans and Democrats strongly support biomedical research in general, and cancer research in particular,” said Lowy said in a wide-ranging interview. “The leadership of the House and Senate appropriations subcommittees was responsible for the increase in FY16 for the NIH appropriation.” Lowy spoke with Paul Goldberg, editor and publisher of The Cancer Letter, and Matthew Ong, a reporter with The Cancer Letter. Read the full story on The Cancer Letter: